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Broad St. Film Fest

Brand Identity


The Broad St. Film Fest (BSFF) is an annual film festival that brings together storytellers and audiences
seeking new stories, experiences, and perspectives. The main focus of the BSFF is to engage and connect
students interested in film to industry professionals through conversations, panel discussions, and workshops with working filmmakers.
Research revealed that the festival market is saturated with imagery of film reels and clap boards, so I utilized the director’s chair as the base of the festival’s brand identity. I decided on the symbol of the director's chair as the base for the festival's logo, capturing the aspirational feel of the event showcasing developing filmmakers as well as connecting early career creatives with established filmmakers. The shape of the director’s chair works well as it remains recognizable when simplified while still representing dynamic elements of the festival
and standing out among the competitive landscape.
The logo itself lives in black and white, but the identity's color palette needed to stand out in a sea of festival applications. A combination of vibrant pink and purple did the job and in 2021we elevated the campaign and built depth by adding gradients to everything from our programs and merchandise to the lighting for speaker panels. The colorful, yet clean brand identity plays well across advertising and event materials and presents a strong balance of bold imagery with more nuanced application across various elements of the unique event.

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