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Vintage Tags is a field guide designed to assist thrifters and vintage t-shirt collectors in dating shirts by
examining changes in the tagging of vintage t-shirt brands over three decades. This book focuses on vintage
tags from American brands who produced shirts from the 1970s through the end of the 1990s. Every tag inside
the collar of a t-shirt gives clues as to when a shirt was produced. Studying the color, size, logo design, and
fonts can help identify the era in which a shirt was made. Half field resource and half art book, Vintage Tags
displays large images of each tag in chronological order to feature each brand’s progression of design
throughout the years. This accessible guide documents the history of vintage t-shirts and pays homage to those
still collecting them.

Available Here for $25 

A niche project born from a personal passion for vintage thrifting, the first run of 100 books is now on it's
second printing!

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