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Graphic Identity Manual


As an exercise, I created a revolutionary rebrand for Your Dekalb Farmers Market in Atlanta, GA. I’ve wanted to redesign the original logotype from the first day I laid eyes on it. For my design, I decided to drop the word “farmers” and insinuate the farm fresh groceries with the playful carrot created with the letters Y,E, and A. I applied the carrot aesthetic to each department name throughout the market as a cohesive and connected brand application. Applying this branding would create a fun shopping experience with new signage and also provides creative practical use of the design to serve the market’s many customers for whom English is not their primary or fluent language. Using visual representations for different departments offers an entertaining and considerate use of visual identity to meet the needs of shoppers and reflect the rich culture of the market’s diverse offerings, staff, and customers. The graphic manual for the brand clearly lays out the specifications for typography, logo usage, and graphic standards.

YDM Mock up.jpg
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